The November 2019 Edition of “The Chirp”, the official Sparrow’s Nest newsletter, features an inspirational note from founder Krista Jones.

Krista Jones, Founder of Sparrow's Nest CharityThanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on what we are truly thankful for. I notice the older I get the list of things I am thankful for changes.

I am thankful for those annoying reminders I get to book my physical or my mammogram because I’ve learned those letters and phone calls often stop health concerns from getting out of hand. I am thankful for those pesky phone calls from the kids telling me they forgot another item at home and I have to drive to school to drop it off. I’m thankful for the broken sleep I get when I receive a midnight call from a recipient family who considers me a safe place to turn to when in need. I am thankful that, on most days, I get up without any aches or pains and try not to complain about the ones my trainer inflicts on me. When I am exhausted at the end of my day because everyone around me has tapped me out mentally, I am thankful I am healthy enough to take on the concerns of others and work with someone who needs a hand.

Wishing you and your family a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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