The July 2017 Edition of “The Chirp”, the official Sparrow’s Nest newsletter, features an inspirational note from founder Krista Jones.

Krista Jones, Founder of Sparrow's Nest CharityI think the question I am asked the most is “why?”  Why did I start the charity and what was my motivation?  And though the answer is filled with great pain it is also cradled in much joy.  The answer to the “why” and “what” is Kathy. I had lived my first 38 years on this earth untouched by cancer.  I didn’t know anyone who had been affected by cancer so my knowledge on the disease was limited.  When one of my closest friends was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, I really didn’t even have a clue what it all meant. I didn’t know the stages of cancer and I had no idea what stage 4 colon cancer even was.

Kathy’s children were her life as they are for most of us.  I met her at a mom’s group at Vassar Hospital over 15 years ago. She was my kind of mom. The kind that threw on jogging pants, wiped her kids hands on her shirt and was off to conquer the world. We didn’t plan our adventures or take hours getting the kids ready to go outside.  We spent years swooping them up, getting in the car and exploring the North East coast. Parks and zoos and crayon factories, museums and movies and nature hikes.  Her cooking skills were right up my alley.  Open the refrigerator door, grab whatever one could find, and create yummy, home cooked meals.  The world was our oyster, and then out of nowhere the bottom fell out. A trip to the hospital led to her diagnosis and my friend, one of the most amazing moms I have ever met, was scrambling now to spend every second she could with her kids.

I had so many grandiose plans of how we were going to spend our next 38 years with our combined brood of 6.  And in the blink of an eye, I was no longer planning our future but rather the eulogy at her funeral.

It is an honor and a privilege to be doing something so amazing in memory of my friend.  Instead of being sad I only had her for 8 years, I am blessed I had her at all.

July is the 6th anniversary of her passing.  It’s also the month we moved and announced our expansion to feeding children.  I feel her presence with me every day and know she helps guide me in my mission to help others. I’m honored my “why” and “what” are with me everyday in the form of a picture on my desk.
Until I see that radiant smile of hers again, I will continue growing and expanding what we do so families know they are not alone.  You have us on your side.

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