The February 2021 Edition of “The Chirp”, the official Sparrow’s Nest newsletter, features an inspirational note from founder Krista Jones.

Krista Jones, Founder of Sparrow's Nest CharityInstead of focusing on resolutions every year, I decided to start concentrating on a word.
Last year, that word was Hope. It kept our focus on what was truly important, the mental state of our recipients and their families.
This year, that word is Joy. Joy can provide you with an inner peace no one else can give you. Joy can get you through the most difficult of situations, changing your state of mind and your heart. Joy makes you feel lighter, and brings with it kindness & gentleness. Joy is contagious. People around you can feel it and will emulate what they see. Whether it’s negative; complaining, gossiping, and creating drama or it’s positive; gratitude, compliments and forgiveness, you surround yourself with who you really are. It took me years to break free of people who added nothing but stress to my life because I am a people pleaser. If you didn’t like me, I would spend days and weeks, maybe months trying to figure out what I did, or could do, to win back friendships. How freeing it was to finally realize negativity had no place in my life…in my soul. I hope you know that you deserve to be around only people who will bring value to your life…people who bring you joy. We work better when we spend our time with people who lift us up, and this is why our Dress Down Day attire has a new slogan this year because….We ARE stronger together.

REMEMBER: The Annual Sparrow’s Nest Dress Down Day is Friday, March 5th!

Here are some other highlights:

  • Our First Virtual Superhero Challenge kicks off on April 1st (registration opens March 8th)
  • Sparrow’s Nest is the February Charity for the Hopewell Junction Stop & Shop’s Giving Tag Program!
  • Join Sparrow’s Circle and help support Hudson Valley families all year long!

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