The August 2018 Edition of “The Chirp”, the official Sparrow’s Nest newsletter, features an inspirational note from founder Krista Jones.

Krista Jones, Founder of Sparrow's Nest Charity

I had an epiphany while scrolling through pictures and posts on Facebook a few weeks ago. I realized a trip down memory lane on Facebook often leaves me feeling inadequate, comparing myself to others and the lives they live…and then I had my big “a-ha” moment.

What we see on Facebook is only the cliff note version of someone’s life and it’s often only the “best of the best” highlights. While we bask in the glow of Johnny making an elite soccer team, and Julie getting straight A’s, and the trip to Bora Bora, what we often don’t see are the countless times Johnny had to try out, the struggles Julie’s brother faces because he just isn’t making the grades, and the bankruptcy that left a family homeless years earlier because the market took a dive.

With this new found clarity, I have decided to start the “Keeping it Real” series, in which I will vlog weekly about what life here at Sparrow’s Nest really looks like. Those runs we do? They aren’t anywhere near as easy as the pictures make them look. The woman you see proudly standing in the front may have struggled jogging two minutes at the start of her journey. The cancer patient who makes it look like they are brave and confident might have actually had a breakdown moments before posting. My goal is to show you that our true authentic self often isn’t found on Facebook. Life is hard. It throws us curves. We have struggles, trials and tribulations and I plan to capture some of that so you know…you are NOT alone.

Here are some other highlights:

  • It’s a plane! It’s a bird! It’s…our 6th Annual Super Hero 5K on September 9th!
  • A big “thank you” to Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils for their “flowery” donation.
  • You helped us get 110 kids ready for school with our annual School Supply Drive!
  • Join us for Rock the Nest on September 22nd and our Harvest Celebration on October 3rd!

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