Sparrow’s Nest Programs

Mission Program

The primary mission of Sparrow’s Nest is to cook and deliver homemade meals to families struggling through a cancer diagnosis. Parents, guardians or children who live in parts of five Hudson Valley counties and who are actively receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment, or who are recovering from surgery due to their diagnosis qualify for our services. These families must have children 18 years of age or younger living in the home and must live within 35 miles of our Wappingers Falls kitchen.

Thanks to the support of our community, qualified recipients are never turned away.

Supplemental Food Program

Our Supplemental Food Program provides staple food items, in addition to our weekly homemade meals, to families identified as at-risk or low-income. The program ensures that our most vulnerable families have regular access to nutritious meals and snacks, relieving caregivers of some of their burden while also offering families some financial relief. Nearly 25% of the families served by Sparrow’s Nest experience financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis and qualify for the added services provided by this program.

Camp Sparrow Program

Our Camp Sparrow Program provides families with easy lunch meals, fresh fruits and vegetables along with extra snacks during the summer months when children are home from school. The program is designed to offer children easy access to meals while aiding our families with meal preparation and food costs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we extended the program to begin in early May and end in late September.

Aftercare Program

The stress of being a caregiver quickly gives way to overwhelming grief after the death of a loved one. While navigating this new normal, our Aftercare Program provides for the continued delivery of homemade meals for up to one year after the loss of a loved one due to their cancer diagnosis.

Others Programs

CIA Dessert:

Thanks to our collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), students at this prestigious school join us for a monthly ‘Bake Day’ at Sparrow’s Nest. Student volunteers and staff members from the CIA’s Community Cares Program take over our kitchen and use their incredible talent to create beautifully delicious cupcakes for our recipient families. Each week those cupcakes are packaged, adorned with a balloon and delivered to the doorstep of each individual in our care celebrating a birthday during that given week. It’s these little things that make such a big difference in the chaotic lives of our cancer patients.