Community Projects

It Takes A Village

We meet people each and every day that want to give through fundraising and community projects! At Sparrow’s Nest of the Hudson Valley, we are able to bolster our operations with the actions and creativity of others. Whether it’s a student with requirements from their house of worship, National Honor Society obligation or someone who just wants to ‘do something’, we welcome your enthusiasm and determination to bring your ingenuity and give to our Recipients and their families.

Above And Beyond

Each week, we deliver meals to their doorsteps and every so often, the delivery is enhanced by food collected at a food drive, or with handmade blankets, hats, ‘feel good bags’, and day to day necessities. When it comes to providing for our Recipients and their family’s needs, we say if it’s something you need, it’ll be something they’ll need.

Learn More

To find out what needs our Recipients have and how you can help develop a community project to fill that need, please reach out to us.