The October 2016 Edition of “The Chirp”, the official Sparrow’s Nest newsletter, features an inspirational note from founder Krista Jones.

Krista Jones, Founder of Sparrow's Nest CharityThe leaves are turning, the weather is getting colder and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is quickly approaching. This time of year is usually overwhelming for many of us and most are not dealing with cancer looming in the background. The holidays can take on a different urgency for our recipients who are often too sick to tend to family traditions and more often than not are facing financial difficulties due to mounting medical bills.

Imagine running around like a chicken with your head cut off, grabbing gifts for your children, family and friends, scrambling to buy outfits for your holiday picture, trying to schedule whose house you will be at to celebrate and what food you are expected to bring….all with a cancer diagnosis. Instead of complaining about the hectic time of year this often turns into, instead of yelling at the kids because you are short fused, instead of putting yourself in debt bargaining for the last dancing Elmo on the shelf….take a deep breath.

It’s funny (not funny at all) how easily we forget how lucky we are to be in good health with a healthy family by our side. Cancer does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you make an exuberant amount of money or you have none. Cancer doesn’t care what skin color you are or how many children you have. Cancer can change your world in the blink of an eye.

So, the next time you feel like screaming at the woman who cut you off in line to grab the last political action figure Barbie doll, take a deep breath and remember there is someone out there who is trying to juggle all of this while fighting nausea, neuropathy and sometimes fear of the unknown. There is someone out there that is bargaining to be healthy enough to watch their kids open gifts and fight with their in-laws over the Turkey dinner. There is someone out there who would trade places with you in a minute, all to be healthy again.

Additionally, this edition also thanked the participants in the Sparrow’s Nest 3rd annual Super Hero 5K. Together, you and 378 runners helped us raise $20,000 to help feed families in the Hudson Valley who are battling cancer. You can see more fun pics from the event here.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Days away from Sparrow’s Nest’s 4th official Disney Wine & Dine Marathon, we are proud to announce that Team Sparrow’s 140 fabulous runners have netted over $230 thousand dollars! Good luck, runners!
  • Thanksgiving week delivery will be on Wednesday, November 23, and volunteer drivers are needed (as well as donations). Please Contact Us to help out.
  • Krista has also been nominated to receive a leadership award from the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce.
  • And there’s a rockin’ new race on the Team Sparrow calendar for 2017!

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