It’s not every day that you get a phone call from the New York Yankees. So when we picked up the phone that morning, you can’t blame us if we were a little skeptical.


“Yes, Joe Girardi would like to wear a Sparrow’s Nest t-shirt at a Yankees press conference.”

“Sure thing! We’ll send one over today!”

We did our part that morning about 4 weeks ago. And this morning, Yankees manager Joe Girardi did his. Watch:

Video clip courtesy of YES Network

Joe gave a wonderful summary of what Sparrow’s Nest does, and even explained why Sparrow’s Nest caught his eye. “This hits home for me a little bit,” Joe said, “because parents and families did this for us when I was growing up when my mother had cancer.”

As you can imagine, when we saw the video of Joe’s press conference, we felt like we had just won the World Series! In our brief history, we’ve been lucky to experience some pretty awesome things with Sparrow’s Nest. Watching the Yankees’ skipper lead off the Yankees Opening Day press conference with the Sparrow’s Nest story ranks right up there!

By the way, if you’d like to have your own Sparrow’s Nest t-shirt, there are still a few available!