Sparrow’s Nest of the Hudson Valley is evolving, growing and building the foundation of the charity and its staff. With a solid foundation, you can grow leaps and bounds. One of those leaps came today, as Sparrow’s Nest Executive Director Krista Jones has announced the addition of Executive Chef John Kelly.

Sparrow's Nest Executive Chef John Kelly

“As far as vision for the kitchen, the food comes first. It has to be delicious.”

John is a Culinary Institute graduate with an impressive history of running kitchens in the Hudson Valley, most recently as owner of the Hop in Beacon. John brings to Sparrow’s Nest a creative, inventive approach to feeding the families in the Hudson Valley.

“As far as vision for the kitchen, the food comes first. It has to be delicious. This is harder than it may seem when the food needs to be fully cooked, cooled properly, packaged, transported and finally reheated and enjoyed by the families we service. Coming up with tasty recipes that can accomplish this feat is a challenge,” said John.

John’s biggest critics are the children who Sparrow’s Nest focuses on feeding while their parent or family member is concentrating on their health issues. “There are a number of other logistical challenges as well that definitely keep it interesting for me. I hope to expand the menu a bit to introduce families to foods they might not have enjoyed previously. Getting kids to try new things can be difficult, but not impossible.”

John was raised in the Hudson Valley and resides locally with his wife and 2½-year-old son. His primary goal is to “make sure the food is delicious, healthy, fresh, local and also prepared in a safe and efficient kitchen where volunteers can help, learn and have fun doing both!“